Step 1

Download and install the stock Java Minecraft launcher. Be sure to let it run after install, but it is not necessary to login to it upon completion. If you already have it then you may skip this step.


Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 1.3 MB

Step 2

Download and install the ANTF/CS90 Infinity Launcher. Once it is installed, run it, login with your Minecraft Credentials and install the ANTF Pack.



2.2.1 (2021)
InfinityLauncher 2.2.1
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 10.4 MB

Step 3

Download and either utilize the texture pack tool in the Infinity Launcher settings or manually extract this Texture pack to the ANTF resources directory in the Infinity Launcher


Modern HD
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 19.6 MB

Additional information for the world, such as the server address and among other helpful pieces of information and tools can be found in the members section: Click Here

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows 10 (x86 or x64)
  • Dot Net Core Framework 3.1
  • Broadband Internet Connection
  • Basic Administrative Rights To The PC

If technical issues arise: please reach out to us at



If The Launcher Fails For Some Reason, just try clicking the refresh button, or restarting the application. If the launcher still fails to work properly, or cannot download the mods, you may setup the pack manually. Click Here for a zip containing the Mods for the current release and the Forge instance needed.