Above you will see links to the various governed regions, where you will learn about each area and see what each has to offer. Every region has its own flare, and specializations.  Below is some useful information about how the world works.



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Each region is governed by a player chosen by the president of the Federal District. That player oversees the region and has the final authority within the region (but it can be over-ruled by the Feds). The world uses a currency/exchange mod to buy and sell goods and services (this is very useful if you are the only one in the world). Governments also setup and regulates the following: police/prisons, hospitals, taxes (if applicable), transportation, and water safety systems, court disputes, and financial regulation of large industries. Note: The governor of a region can ban you from their region anytime. Failure to comply with government orders can result from being banned from the server. One unique thing about our Role-play server is that a player can get special permission to go into Creative Mode and found there own state and build up some infrastructure.


World Spawn (Starting Out)


At the starting point of the world, there is a welcome center that will get you acquainted with the rules, provide you with some starting cash and supplies, and keys to a car :) From there the choices are yours. You can go to the Federal Capital, and get the equipment necessary to start a business, or buy a home. (Each state (except for MineHaven) has starter homes that are cheaply priced) You can move to any state and do business across state lines.


Making Money


There are soo many ways to make money in Skylines. The most obvious ones are listed below. In addition, you can create your own business and push your own goods and services. The sky is the limit. Some well established ways to make money are listed below:


  • Real Estate (property mgmt and land ownership)
  • Farming or plant agriculture
  • Meat/Dairy processing (Pretty much anything Food)
  • Mining Precious Metals
  • Mining Coal and other resources (mining in general)
  • Work for the government (D.O.T.)/Engineering
  • Work for an existing company
  • Buy a company (player or Autonomous) (Note: autonomous companies no longer produce infinite stock if you acquire them)
  • Start a business.

The denominations of the currency are in $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 (based on US Currency Model)

non-food items can be exchanged for cash at federal exchange centers (automated) as can food items at designated food exchange centers (automated). Precious items can be bought and sold at banks and Federal Exchange Centers & other financial centers. (Note: It is unlawful and ban worthy to tamper with these systems). Banks can also provide loans to help you achieve success. But if you fall into debt the bank can lean your assets or take them as retribution. 


World Technical Details


The world is rather large (6000 x 6000 Capable) and some areas load better than others. It is recommended to dedicate at least 6+ GB in the Technic Launcher to minecraft to ensure a smooth performance. The world is also autostart capable. Crashes do happen from time to time, and if one occurs, the world will reboot. If it does not or you like to request additional access or have any questions, visit antfcorp.com/support or email us at support@antfcorp.com The world also sports an mini map (similar to GTA's), that allows teleporting. The world runs on 1.11.2 (concrete was back modded in) and uses the Technic Launcher. A Modern Resource pack is also used to enhance the worlds looks while playing without straining system resources The world runs 24/7 unless special imports are being done. The world also supports Open Computers. A handy members area on this site sports handy links, references, ANTF Skylines information, directories, data, and tie-in's with an upcoming ANTF Web Manager software called MineHub.




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