The Country of Australia

President: timmmyy


Tucked away in the northern most reaches of the world is the independent sovereign nation of Australia. This micro-nation about the size of a large state, has different laws and codes from the rest of the world, though it is open to the outside world, uses the same driving and currency models, and fosters many private partnerships with foreign corporations. If you looking for alot of empty land for industrial purposes, look no further than Australia. It is also connected to Minesconsin via an underwater tunnel. It is the second area in the world to have a cruise ship, has the largest university campus, and the largest shipping port zones in the world. It is also the only one to have a space shuttle launchpad, and is very close driving distance to Minenessota, Minesconsin, and Minehaven. This is still a developing country, and road patterns are broken in some areas, alot of things are not yet complete, and residential units are virtually non-existent yet, though that is always subject to change.