Federal District/Lands

World President: antfusa


The Federal District is a region situated between Minesylvania & Minesconsin. The designated center and capital of the Skylines world, it is home to a massive congressional building. The building is a relic from the Xbox 360 and was migrated to the world in 2017, and was updated. The capital serves as the seat of power for the governing body consisting of each governor and the world president. Laws are decided here and can be enforced on the states or challenged by the Federal Court. The district is also home to some small businesses, a massive University campus (Capital University), a massive non-denominational church, the federal bureau of investigation (ABI), and the Department of Transportation(D.O.T.) who oversee's the worlds major highways and the federal turnpike. The region is also home to a campground sporting tents and RV's. It is also home to an RV manufacturer North River. There are also vast areas pf protected wilderness to preserve the world's beauty. The most interesting attraction in the region is a massive theme park called Magic world by Disney Resorts. Below are some more images of the Federal District. This is also the world Start!