MineHaven - Sunshine State

Looking to get away from it all? You can! Minehaven is the smallest and most northern state currently in the world. While it does have a small population, it changes drastically as beach goers come for a thrill as well as vacationers, From summer homes on the shore, to long boardwalks straddling a lush beach, to an amusement park on the boardwalk, to various luxury hotels, Minehaven has it all. Minehaven has both the charm of a small seaside region and a small town. It is also home to some of the most luxurious resorts found anywhere in the Skylines world, including the Hilton, Residence, Windham, and the Grand Palisades. At it's northernmost point, it has 2 large luxury modern condos that oversee the entire region. It also has a lighthouse which can be seen at night, and a harbor. This harbor however, is not home to shipping, it is home to party boats, and luxury yachts. The Freeland Shipyard is located here as well, and so is a massive cruise ship, ready to go an adventure. The ocean is very deep in this region and resource rich. One of the most staggering landmarks here is a massive tower called the Madison Tower. It is adjoined by an equally impressive crane. The building ran out of funds and was never completed, but many see it as a landmark of the region. Below are some more images of Minehaven.