Mineland - State of Traditions

Mineland is the original state. It was the first city constructed and first region that was fully explored. Though its origins come from the Xbox 360, it has been successfully transplanted into this world and updated. Mineland has a very colorful downtown district and lots stadiums. From baseball to Football, to the official minecraft sport of Spleef. Mineland is also to home to agricultural giant, The Weiner Corporation. Mineland is also home to an amusement park (though its been closed for a while), shipping ports, access to the trans state railroads, and is home to many insurance companies and financial centers. Housing is plentiful in this state. Some other attractions include a space needle restaurant, a classic movie theater and bar, a replica of the Stark Tower (owned by Weiner), an old abandoned turnpike, and the Cobbs football stadium. The federal turnpike also runs through the heart of the state. Below is a slideshow of interesting sights around Mineland.