Minenessota - The Natural State

Looking for a new start? Then Minenessota is for you. Nestled in the northwest corner of the world, it is one of the newer states within the world. But don't let that fool you. This state is packed with business, infrastructure, seaports, airports, and even has defined residential, commercial, capital, agricultural, and industrial areas, as well as preserved lands. It is also the only state to have a Zoo, is the home state of the corporate giant ANTF Group, and is a short drive to Minesconsin and Australia, and now Minesylvania. This is the only state to boast multiple branches of government and has an entire region dedicated to it. It is also the only state to have a joint economic venture zone with it's neighbor, Minesylvania. This is a state for those who seek change, wilderness, and easy access. Minenessota has one of the best street map configurations in the world, and was the first state to adopt the use of traffic lights and cones. It is also the only state with a giant stadium with a working jumbotron, and home to construction equipment manufacturing.