Minesconsin - State of Tranquility

Looking for a quieter experience but still want to be near urban centers? look no further than Minesconsin. As one of the smaller and least most populated states, it features vast areas of unspoiled wilderness. It is very far north, and biomes are varied throughout the state. The state does feature a large urban area, which home to some the most luxurious department stores, large resource corporations, green spaces, and some of the most beautiful towers and office space anywhere in Skylines. The urban areas are also where the northern-most parts of the trans-world railway systems end as well as the walking trail that started way down in Minesylvania. It is also home to a large shipping harbor. If you prefer the country, Minesconsin features a an area similar to small town USA, and even a private neighborhood on pristine wilderness, miles from any urban centers. Below are some more images of Minesconsin.