Minesylvania - State of Opportunity

If you are looking for the center of it all, look no further than Minesylvania. Home to the starting point of the world, Minesylvania is one of the largest states in the Skylines world. In addition, it also one of the wealthiest and most densely populated. Home to the most housing, Minesylvania sports multiple distinct neighborhoods, lots of green spaces, a prison, and the largest hospital system of any state. Home to sporting venues like the official minecraft sport of spleef, a massive football stadium, and other activities. Minesylvania is also home to some of the most massive corporations (both autonomous and player owned) including ANTF Group/Rocker Group, Coal Corp, CS90 Computer Services, Wynter Corporation, Dunn Logistics, the only automotive factory in the world (produces vehicles) and more. Interesting things in this state are found mostly in the urban areas, many building are similar to what you would find in NYC, and also features the start of the walking trail that spans many states.  The largest industries here are coal and raw material processing/ agriculture. While Minesylvania does have a financial hub, it is not as robust as it's neighbor, Mineland. Minesylvania is also home to most mansions and luxury homes, public land spaces, office space, highways, and has the most bridges, including a massive suspension bride towering over its harbors bordering the federal lands. Minesylvania is also home to lots of art including a massive Microsoft Paperclip stature, a giant smiley face, a Scooby doo block art, and a statue of a zombie riding a chicken. Minesylvania is also home to multiple smaller government bodies in various sub regions, and has the only acting female governor. Minesylvania is also home to a large university called Prism State University (PSU) Below are some more images of Minesylvania