New Minexico - State of Enchantment

Looking to get away from everything? and we mean everything? Well then look no further than New Minexico. New Minexico is a very spare state, with wilderness, great plains, and deserts. It is a state of great contrast. It features a metropolitan district with easy access to the world turnpike, Minesylvania, and Mineland. It is also the home of most of the world's Bio Diesel production for the automobile industry and other energy sources. It is also home to government installations to monitor space. The metro area features wide open areas, and the state also is the only one to have a minecart racing stadium and a neighborhood of all modern style homes. The state is also home to the Horizon Motor Car corp. who manufactures all the worlds cars and trucks. There are massive pyramids that line the highway in the desert and a capital region that sits in the cross hairs of major routes of commerce in the state. This is a newer state still in development and so some facilities may not be completed/furnished, core functionality to trade and live is running for those looking to live/work in the region.