ANTF Videon is a Free Software Platform that allows you to manage your local digital movie and TV show library. This system is ideal for those with a portable collection a portable drive, or a local NAS (Network Area Storage) (Mapped to a Drive). This system is best suited for those with media rooms in their homes where a Windows PC is hooked up to a large TV or a Projector system. The system can be paired with pointing devices like the one found here. Videon also allows for additional customization, complete manual cover image support (a Zip File containing a starter kit of cover images can be found below, as well as media formatting requirements), and flexibility in playback options, device changes, and artwork swapping Try Videon today! (For Technical Help:


Version: 1.2.1


Target Platform: Windows 10


What's New in Version 1.2.1?

  • Database can be preserved between future updates
  • Media can now be played in embedded VLC, WMP, and External Players
  • Database can now be set to a shared remote path (one DB instead of many on a local NAS)
  • Various Bug and Performance Fixes

Support Materials

ANTF Media Data Formatting Reference 2019
ANTF Videon Data Formatting Guide.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 74.8 KB
Sample Cover Images
Sample Cover Images